Procreate How to Remove Background: Mastering the Art of Digital Editing


Have you ever wondered how to remove the background in Procreate? Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, knowing how to efficiently remove the background from your digital artwork can significantly enhance the final result. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of removing backgrounds in Procreate, empowering you to unlock endless creative possibilities. With our detailed tutorial and helpful tips, you’ll be able to seamlessly remove backgrounds and achieve stunning digital masterpieces.

Understanding the Importance of Background Removal

Why should you remove the background?

Removing the background from your artwork in Procreate allows you to isolate objects, create composite images, or add a new background to enhance the overall composition. It gives you full control over the visual narrative and helps you focus on the main subject of your artwork.

“The background can sometimes distract from the main subject, taking away the impact of the artwork. Removing it allows artists to highlight the subject and create a more focused and aesthetically pleasing piece.” – Digital Arts Online

By removing the background, you can change the context, mood, or storytelling elements of your artwork. It opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling you to seamlessly blend different elements together or integrate subjects into new environments. Whether you’re creating illustrations, character designs, or concept art, background removal is a valuable skill that can take your digital artwork to the next level.

What are the benefits of background removal in Procreate?

Procreate’s background removal feature offers several advantages for artists and digital creators. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

1. Flexibility and Versatility: Removing the background in Procreate gives you the flexibility to experiment with various backgrounds, colors, or textures without altering your original artwork. It allows you to explore different visual narratives and create unique compositions.

“Procreate’s background removal feature enables artists to experiment with different backgrounds, easily integrate subjects into new environments, and seamlessly blend elements together for stunning digital compositions.” – Creative Bloq

2. Focus on the Main Subject: By removing the background, you can direct the viewer’s attention towards the main subject of your artwork. It eliminates distractions and allows the subject to take center stage, enhancing its impact and visual presence.

3. Seamless Compositing: Background removal in Procreate enables you to seamlessly blend different elements together, whether it’s combining characters, objects, or landscapes. It gives you the freedom to create cohesive compositions and tell compelling visual stories.

4. Integration with Other Artwork: If you have a collection of digital artwork, removing the background can help you integrate different pieces together. By removing backgrounds from individual elements, you can easily combine them to create a larger composition or collage.

5. Professional Presentation: Background removal allows you to present your artwork in a clean, professional manner. Whether you’re showcasing your portfolio, creating marketing materials, or preparing artwork for printing, a clean and focused presentation can leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Preparing Your Artwork for Background Removal

Start with a High-Quality Digital Image

Before you can begin removing the background in Procreate, it’s crucial to start with a high-quality digital image of your artwork. This ensures that you have enough detail and resolution to work with, resulting in a clean and precise removal process. Here are some tips for capturing or scanning your artwork:

1. Lighting: Ensure that you have sufficient lighting when capturing or scanning your artwork. Even lighting helps capture the details and colors accurately.

2. Resolution: Set your camera or scanner to the highest resolution possible. This ensures that you have enough pixels to work with and maintain the quality of your artwork.

3. Clean Your Artwork: Before capturing or scanning, make sure your artwork is clean and free from dust or smudges. This will prevent any unwanted marks from appearing in the final digital image.

4. Perspective and Alignment: If you’re capturing your artwork with a camera, ensure that it is aligned properly and that there is minimal distortion or perspective skewing. This will make it easier to work with the image in Procreate.

Importing Your Artwork into Procreate

Once you have a high-quality digital image of your artwork, you can proceed to import it into Procreate. Follow these steps to import your image:

1. Open Procreate: Launch the Procreate app on your iPad or tablet device.

2. Create a New Canvas: Tap on the “+” symbol or go to the “Gallery” section to create a new canvas.

3. Import Image: Within the new canvas, tap on the “Image” button located at the top toolbar. Select your artwork image from your device’s photo library or cloud storage. Procreate will import the image onto the canvas.

4. Adjust Canvas Size: If needed, you can resize or crop the canvas to match the dimensions of your artwork. Use the “Transform” or “Crop” tool to make any necessary adjustments.

5. Create a New Layer: It’s recommended to create a new layer for the background removal process. This allows you to work non-destructively and make adjustments without affecting your original artwork.

Background Removal Techniques in Procreate

Method 1: Manual Selection and Erasing

One of the most precise ways to remove the background in Procreate is by manually selecting and erasing the unwanted areas. This method gives you full control over the removal process and allows for precise adjustments. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Select the “Selection” Tool

To begin the manual selection process, select the “Selection” tool from the toolbar. It’s represented by an icon resembling a lasso or a magic wand.

2. Choose the “Freehand” Selection Mode

Within the “Selection” tool options, choose the “Freehand” selection mode. This mode allows you to draw a custom selection shape around the areas you want to remove. Adjust the size and opacity of the selection brush according to your preferences.

Procreate How to Remove Background – FAQ

1. Can I restore the original background after removing it in Procreate?

While Procreate does not have a dedicated “undo” feature for backgrounds, you can create a new layer and add a background image or color to achieve a similar effect.

2. Will removing the background affect the quality of my artwork?

No, the quality of your artwork will not be compromised when removing the background in Procreate. The software preserves the integrity of your original artwork.

3. Can I remove backgrounds from photographs using Procreate?

Procreate is primarily designed for digital artwork creation, but it can also be used to remove backgrounds from photographs. The process is similar, but keep in mind that Procreate’s tools might be more optimized for illustrations and paintings.

Closing Words

In conclusion, mastering background removal in Procreate opens up a world of creative possibilities. With each stroke of your digital brush, you can seamlessly blend elements, create captivating compositions, and evoke emotions in your audience. So why wait?

Unlock the power of Procreate’s background removal feature today and elevate your artistic journey to new heights. Embrace the freedom to experiment, tell your visual stories, and leave a lasting impact with your exceptional digital creations.

Closing Disclaimers

As you embark on your exploration of background removal in Procreate, remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to experiment, push the boundaries of your creativity, and discover your unique style. With dedication and enthusiasm, you’ll soon master this powerful technique and witness the transformative impact it can have on your artwork.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Results may vary depending on individual skills and techniques employed. Always ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions for any images you use in your artwork.

Procreate How to Remove Background Summary
Introduction An overview of the importance and benefits of background removal in Procreate.
Understanding the Importance of Background Removal An exploration of why background removal is crucial for digital artists and creators.

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