How to Ungroup in Procreate: Mastering the Art of Separating Layers

A Quick and Easy Guide to Ungrouping Layers in Procreate

Are you struggling to ungroup layers in Procreate and feeling stuck with your artwork? Look no further – we’ve got you covered! Learning how to ungroup in Procreate is a valuable skill that every artist should have in their toolkit. By understanding this feature, you can effortlessly separate complex designs into individual elements, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity.


Procreate, the popular digital art app, offers a plethora of amazing features to enhance your artistic journey. One such feature is the ability to group layers, which allows you to organize and manipulate multiple elements together. However, there are times when you need to ungroup these layers to refine or modify specific parts of your artwork.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of ungrouping layers in Procreate, ensuring that you can unlock the full potential of your artwork. So, grab your iPad and let’s get started!

Why Ungrouping Layers Matters

Before we delve into the steps of ungrouping in Procreate, let’s explore why this feature is essential for artists. Ungrouping layers allows you to work on individual elements within a design, providing more control and precision over your artwork.

Greater Flexibility and Control

By ungrouping layers, you can manipulate specific elements independently, making it easier to refine details or experiment with different effects. Whether it’s adjusting colors, refining shapes, or applying specific transformations, ungrouping empowers you with greater flexibility and control over your designs.

Effortless Editing and Modifications

When layers are grouped together, making changes to individual elements can be challenging. Ungrouping eliminates this obstacle and allows you to effortlessly edit and modify specific parts of your artwork without affecting the rest. This streamlines your workflow and saves valuable time during the creative process.

Unlocking Creative Possibilities

Ungrouping layers opens up a world of creative possibilities. Once individual elements are separated, you can experiment with different compositions, rearrange elements, or apply unique effects to each layer. This freedom enables you to push the boundaries of your imagination and create truly unique and captivating artwork.

Step-by-Step Guide: Ungrouping in Procreate

Step 1: Open Your Procreate Canvas

Begin by launching the Procreate app on your iPad and opening the canvas you want to work on. Ensure that the artwork containing the grouped layers is visible on your screen.

Step 2: Access the Layers Panel

The next step is to locate the Layers panel, which is typically displayed on the right side of your screen. If it’s not visible, tap the icon shaped like two overlapping squares to reveal it.

Step 3: Identify the Grouped Layers

In the Layers panel, scan through the layers to identify the group you wish to ungroup. Grouped layers often have a folder-like icon and a disclosure triangle indicating their hierarchical structure.

Step 4: Expand the Group

To ungroup specific layers, you first need to expand the group. Tap the disclosure triangle next to the grouped layers, and it will reveal the individual layers contained within the group.

Step 5: Select the Layers to Ungroup

With the group expanded, you can now select the layers you want to ungroup. Tap on each layer while holding the Ctrl button to select multiple layers simultaneously. This selection process allows you to choose which elements you want to separate.

Step 6: Ungroup the Layers

Once you have selected the desired layers, it’s time to ungroup them. Tap the “Group” button located at the top of the Layers panel. A drop-down menu will appear, and you should select the “Ungroup” option. Instantly, the layers you selected will become separate entities.

Step 7: Refine and Transform

Now that your layers are ungrouped, you have complete freedom to refine and transform each element individually. Experiment with different effects, adjust colors, or rearrange the composition to bring your artistic vision to life.

Exploring the Benefits of Ungrouping in Procreate

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

Ungrouping layers in Procreate can significantly enhance your workflow efficiency. Instead of making changes to an entire group and then undoing or redoing them, ungrouping allows you to target specific elements. This focused approach saves time and enables you to fine-tune your artwork more effectively.

Customizing Effects and Blend Modes

Working with ungrouped layers provides greater flexibility when applying effects and blend modes in Procreate. By individually adjusting layers, you can create unique combinations and achieve stunning visual effects. Whether it’s blending colors, creating overlays, or experimenting with different blend modes, ungrouping opens up a world of artistic possibilities.

Non-Destructive Editing

Ungrouping in Procreate allows for non-destructive editing, preserving your original artwork. Since the ungrouping process separates layers without altering their content, you can make changes and revert them as needed, all while keeping your original design intact. This non-destructive approach is essential for maintaining the integrity of your artwork.

FAQs about Ungrouping in Procreate

Q: Can I ungroup multiple layers at once in Procreate?

A: Absolutely! To ungroup multiple layers simultaneously in Procreate, simply hold the Ctrl button and tap on each layer you wish to ungroup. Then, follow the same steps as mentioned above to ungroup them together.

Q: Will ungrouping layers affect my original artwork?

A: No, ungrouping layers in Procreate will not alter your original artwork. It simply separates the layers so that you can work on them individually. Your original design remains intact.

Q: Can I regroup the ungrouped layers?

A: Certainly! If you decide to reorganize or reassemble the layers, Procreate allows you to regroup them easily. Simply select the layers you want to regroup, tap the “Group” button, and choose the “Group” option from the drop-down menu.

Q: What if I accidentally ungroup the wrong layers?

A: Don’t worry – Procreate has an undo feature that can save the day! Simply tap the arrow icon at the top of the screen or use the two-finger swipe gesture to undo your last action, including accidental ungrouping.

Q: Can I ungroup layers in older versions of Procreate?

A: Yes, the ability to ungroup layers exists in various versions of Procreate. However, the button placement or user interface may differ slightly. Refer to the official Procreate documentation or online tutorials specific to your version for detailed instructions.

Q: Are there any alternative methods to ungroup layers in Procreate?

A: While the steps mentioned in this guide are the standard way to ungroup layers, you may come across alternative methods shared by the Procreate community. Exploring different techniques can expand your creative toolkit, so feel free to experiment!

Q: Can I ungroup layers in Procreate Pocket?

A: Yes! Procreate Pocket, the iPhone version of Procreate, supports ungrouping layers as well. The process is similar to the iPad version, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of the device you’re using.


Congratulations, you’ve now mastered the art of ungrouping in Procreate! By following these detailed steps and exploring the benefits, you can unlock the full potential of your artwork and elevate your digital artistry.

Now, it’s time to take action and explore the endless possibilities of ungrouping in Procreate! Start by applying the techniques you’ve learned to your current projects, and witness how this newfound skill enhances your creative process. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep experimenting and pushing your artistic boundaries.

Join the vibrant Procreate community online, where you can connect with fellow artists, share your creations, and gain inspiration. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance or explore advanced tutorials to further elevate your skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your iPad, fire up Procreate, and let your imagination run wild. Ungroup, create, and let your digital art flourish!

Disclaimer: The mentioned steps and features are based on the current version of Procreate at the time of writing. As software updates may occur, we recommend referring to official Procreate resources or community forums for any potential changes or variations in the future.

Step Description
Step 1 Open your Procreate canvas
Step 2 Access the Layers panel
Step 3 Identify the grouped layers
Step 4 Expand the group
Step 5 Select the layers to ungroup
Step 6 Ungroup the layers
Step 7 Refine and transform

How to Ungroup in Procreate – FAQ

Q: Can I undo the ungrouping action in Procreate?

A: Yes, you can easily undo the ungrouping action in Procreate by tapping the arrow icon at the top of the screen or using the two-finger swipe gesture. This will revert the layers back to their grouped state.

Q: Is ungrouping available in Procreate’s free version?

A: No, ungrouping layers in Procreate is a feature exclusive to the paid version of the app. If you are using the free version, consider upgrading to unlock this powerful functionality.

Q: Can I ungroup layers imported from other software?

A: Absolutely! Procreate allows you to ungroup layers regardless of their origin. Whether you import artwork from another software or create it within Procreate, the ungrouping process remains the same.

Q: Are there any limitations to ungrouping layers in Procreate?

A: Generally, there are no limitations to ungrouping layers in Procreate. However, keep in mind that ungrouping can lead to a more complex layers panel if not managed properly. Organize your layers thoughtfully to maintain clarity and ease of navigation.

Q: Can I ungroup predefined layer groups in Procreate?

A: Yes, you can ungroup predefined layer groups in Procreate, such as clipping masks or adjustment groups. Simply follow the same steps mentioned earlier to break them apart and gain full control over each element.

Q: Can I ungroup text layers in Procreate?

A: Yes, ungrouping text layers in Procreate is possible. This allows you to modify individual words or characters within the text while preserving the overall layout and styling. Experiment with different typography effects and create stunning text-based designs.

Q: Will ungrouping layers affect their blending modes or opacity?

A: No, ungrouping layers in Procreate does not impact their blending modes or opacity settings. These properties remain intact for each layer, ensuring seamless integration back into your artwork.

Q: Can I ungroup layers within a specific area in Procreate?

A: Unfortunately, Procreate does not offer a selection-based ungrouping feature. However, you can isolate specific areas by using masks or selection tools before ungrouping the layers. This way, you can focus on refining specific parts without affecting the rest.

Q: Are there any alternatives to ungrouping in Procreate?

A: In some cases, you can achieve similar results without ungrouping layers by utilizing Alpha Lock or Clipping Mask features, depending on your desired outcome. These techniques allow for selective editing and manipulation while keeping layers grouped.

Q: Can I ungroup layers in Procreate without affecting their position?

A: Yes, ungrouping layers in Procreate preserves their original positions within the artwork. This ensures that your composition remains intact, allowing for precise modifications without disrupting the overall layout.

Q: Can I ungroup individual elements within a group in Procreate?

A: Absolutely! Once you ungroup a group in Procreate, you can further ungroup individual elements within that group. This hierarchical structure grants you enhanced control and flexibility over each element, even within complex compositions.

Q: Can I ungroup layers while preserving their masks or selections?

A: Yes, when you ungroup layers in Procreate, any masks or selections applied to those layers are retained. This enables you to continue working on specific areas independently while still benefiting from the masking or selection effects.

Q: Can I ungroup layers in Procreate and save them as separate files?

A: While ungrouping layers in Procreate allows you to work on them individually, saving them as separate files directly within the app is not possible. However, you can export each layer or group as a separate image file for further editing or sharing.

Q: Can I reorganize the layer order after ungrouping in Procreate?

A: Absolutely! After ungrouping layers in Procreate, you have complete control over their arrangement within the layers panel. Drag and drop layers to rearrange their order, allowing for efficient workflow and artistic adjustments.

Final Words

Congratulations on learning how to ungroup in Procreate! By following this comprehensive guide, you can now navigate the world of layer management with ease and precision.

Remember, ungrouping layers opens endless creative possibilities and empowers you to refine your artwork to perfection. Take your time to explore and experiment, and most importantly – enjoy the process!

Now, go forth and let your imagination run wild! Unleash the full potential of your digital art, create captivating masterpieces, and share your unique vision with the world. Happy ungrouping!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the current features and functionality of Procreate. Always refer to the official Procreate documentation and resources for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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