How to Undo on Pocket Procreate: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Fun and Friendly Solution to Undoing Mistakes in Pocket Procreate

Have you ever found yourself in a creative flow, only to make a mistake on Pocket Procreate and not know how to undo it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will guide you through the process of undoing your actions on Pocket Procreate, ensuring that you can continue your artistic endeavors without any setbacks or frustrations.


As an artist, you understand that the creative process involves experimentation and occasionally making mistakes. However, with the power of the undo feature in Pocket Procreate, you can easily correct any missteps and refine your artwork to perfection. Whether you accidentally applied the wrong brushstroke, chose the wrong color, or made an unwanted modification, the undo feature is your ultimate ally in the digital art realm. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the steps and tips you need to know to utilize the undo function effectively on Pocket Procreate.

Understanding the Importance of Undoing

Before diving into the intricacies of undoing on Pocket Procreate, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of this feature in the creative process. Undoing allows you to revert to a previous state of your artwork, erasing any unwanted changes or accidental mistakes. It acts as a safety net, providing you with the freedom to experiment fearlessly and make creative decisions without the risk of permanent consequences. With the undo feature, you can embrace the journey of creation, knowing that you have the power to correct any missteps along the way.

1. Opening the Undo Menu

The first step to utilizing the undo feature on Pocket Procreate is accessing the undo menu. Whether you prefer intuitive gestures or tapping on the toolbar, Pocket Procreate offers multiple ways to open the undo menu and access your previous actions.

Using Gestures

If you’re a fan of gestures, Pocket Procreate has a simple and convenient way to open the undo menu:

  1. On the canvas, swipe two fingers left in a quick motion.
  2. The undo menu will smoothly slide into view, revealing your recent actions.

Using the Toolbar

If gestures aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! Pocket Procreate also provides an easily accessible toolbar at the top of the screen:

  1. Tap on the toolbar located at the top of the screen.
  2. The undo menu will appear, showcasing your recent actions.

2. Selecting the Action to Undo

Once you have successfully opened the undo menu, the next step is to select the specific action you wish to undo. Pocket Procreate conveniently displays your actions in chronological order, allowing you to easily pinpoint the desired modification for reversion.

To select an action for undoing:

  1. Swipe or scroll through the undo menu to explore the range of actions available.
  2. Observe the changes made to your artwork as you navigate through the list.
  3. When you identify the action you want to undo, tap on it to select it.

3. Confirming the Undo

After selecting the action you wish to revert, Pocket Procreate prompts you to confirm your decision before finalizing the undo process. This additional step ensures that you don’t accidentally undo a modification that you may want to keep.

To confirm the undo action:

  1. Read the confirmation prompt displayed on your screen carefully.
  2. Verify that the description matches the action you intend to undo.
  3. If the prompt accurately reflects your desired action, tap on the confirmation option, usually labeled as “Undo.”

4. Redoing an Action

Have you ever had second thoughts after undoing an action? Pocket Procreate understands that creative decisions can be dynamic, and sometimes you may want to bring back a change you previously reverted. That’s where the redo feature comes into play.

To redo an action and restore it to your artwork:

  1. Open the undo menu using the same gestures or toolbar method mentioned earlier.
  2. Instead of swiping left to access the undo menu, swipe two fingers right on the canvas or tap the top toolbar.
  3. The redo menu will appear, presenting you with a list of actions that you have previously undone.
  4. Select the specific action you want to redo by tapping on it.
  5. Confirm the redo by following the on-screen instructions or prompts.

5. Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts

For those seeking a more efficient and speedy way to undo actions on Pocket Procreate, utilizing keyboard shortcuts is an excellent option. With a physical or virtual keyboard, you can effortlessly execute undo operations at the press of a few keys.

To use keyboard shortcuts for undoing actions in Pocket Procreate, follow these steps:

  1. Connect a physical keyboard to your device using Bluetooth or by attaching it directly.
  2. For virtual keyboard users, make sure the virtual keyboard is enabled on your device.
  3. Press “Command + Z” (Mac) or “Ctrl + Z” (Windows) on your keyboard.
  4. The selected action will instantly be undone, reverting your artwork to a previous state.

6. Customizing Undo Settings

Pocket Procreate acknowledges that each artist has unique preferences and workflows. To accommodate these individual needs, the app provides the option to customize undo settings based on your desired undo levels and gestures.

Adjusting Undo Levels

To modify the number of undo levels, which determines the amount of actions you can undo:

  1. Tap on the wrench icon located on the toolbar at the top of the screen to access the settings.
  2. Scroll through the options or categories until you find the “Gesture Controls” or “Preferences” section.
  3. Look for the “Undo” settings within the chosen section.
  4. Adjust the undo levels by using the provided slider or numerical input.
  5. Experiment with different levels to find the right balance between flexibility and device memory usage.

Customizing Undo Gestures

If you prefer to fine-tune the gestures associated with undoing actions on Pocket Procreate, you’re in luck! The app allows you to customize the gestures to suit your artistic workflow and personal preferences.

To customize undo gestures:

  1. Access the settings menu by tapping on the wrench icon.
  2. Navigate to the “Gesture Controls” or “Preferences” section.
  3. Locate the “Undo” gesture customization options.
  4. Choose from the available gestures or customize your own by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Test the newly assigned gestures to ensure they feel natural and comfortable for your creative process.

7. Saving Your Progress

While undoing provides a safety net, it’s essential to regularly save your progress to avoid any potential loss of your artistic journey. Pocket Procreate offers convenient options to save your artwork in different file formats and destinations.

Exporting Your Artwork

To save your progress and export your artwork:

  1. Tap on the wrench icon located on the toolbar at the top of the screen to access the settings.
  2. Browse through the options or sections until you find the “Save” or “Export” feature.
  3. Select the desired file format for your artwork, such as JPEG or PNG.
  4. Choose the destination for your exported file, such as your device’s gallery or a cloud storage service.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the saving process. Be sure to name your file appropriately for easy identification.

How to Undo on Pocket Procreate – FAQ

1. Can I undo multiple actions at once?

Unfortunately, Pocket Procreate currently only supports undoing one action at a time. This limitation ensures that you have full control over the precise modifications you make to your artwork.

2. Can I customize the redo settings too?

While Pocket Procreate provides customization options for undo settings, the redo feature has more limited customization capabilities. You can adjust the number of redo levels in the settings, allowing you to redo a specific number of previously undone actions. However, gesture customization for redo operations is not currently available.

3. Does Pocket Procreate have an unlimited undo history?

No, Pocket Procreate sets a limit on the number of actions you can undo. This limit is primarily determined by the available device memory. However, you can adjust the undo levels in the settings, striking a balance between flexibility and memory usage.

4. Can I undo actions across multiple layers?

Absolutely! The undo feature in Pocket Procreate applies to all layers of your artwork, allowing you to revert changes made on individual layers or even to the entire canvas. This flexibility ensures that you can fine-tune your artwork with precision.

5. Are there any alternatives to undoing actions in Pocket Procreate?

While the undo feature is incredibly valuable, it’s always a good practice to save your progress regularly to preserve the various stages of your artwork. Additionally, you can duplicate your canvas before making any major changes or experimenting with new techniques. This way, you can always refer back to the original version of your artwork, reducing heavy reliance on the undo feature.

6. Can I undo actions on the Pocket Procreate app for Android?

Absolutely! The undo feature is available on both iOS and Android versions of Pocket Procreate. The steps and functionality mentioned in this guide are applicable to both platforms, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of your device.

7. I accidentally closed the undo menu. How can I reopen it?

If you accidentally closed the undo menu and need to reopen it:

  1. Swipe three fingers left on the canvas in a quick motion.
  2. The undo menu will reappear, allowing you to continue easily undoing or redoing actions as needed.


Congratulations! You have now become a master of the undo feature in Pocket Procreate. Armed with the knowledge and confidence to undo actions, you can embrace your creativity without fear of making mistakes. Remember to access the undo menu using gestures or the toolbar, carefully select the desired action, confirm the undo, and utilize keyboard shortcuts for efficient workflow. Customize undo settings and gestures to align with your artistic preferences, and always save your progress to safeguard your creative journey.

Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity, explore endless possibilities, and watch your artwork flourish with every brushstroke. Pocket Procreate, paired with your undying imagination, is a potent combination that knows no bounds. So, go forth with confidence, knowing that the undo feature is your loyal companion, guiding you through the realms of digital art.

Please note: The instructions and information provided in this guide are accurate as of the time of writing. However, interface changes or software updates may result in slight variations. For the most up-to-date instructions, refer to Pocket Procreate’s official documentation or support channels.

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