How to Turn on Symmetry in Procreate: Unleash Your Creative Potential

A Fun and Friendly Guide for the Whole Family

Discover the magic of symmetry in Procreate and take your digital artwork to the next level. Are you ready to unlock endless creative possibilities?

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, Procreate offers a range of powerful tools to bring your imagination to life. One of these incredible features is symmetry, which allows you to mirror your strokes and create perfectly balanced designs with ease.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of turning on symmetry in Procreate, step-by-step. From setting up the canvas to exploring different symmetry options, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Get ready to elevate your artistic creations and amaze your friends and family!


The Power of Symmetry in Digital Art

Turning on symmetry in Procreate is a game-changer for artists of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re drawing mandalas, geometric patterns, or even creating symmetrical portraits, this feature will revolutionize your artistic process.

Symmetry is a fundamental concept in art and design. It brings a sense of balance, harmony, and order to your creations. Procreate takes this concept to the next level by offering a variety of symmetry options, allowing you to experiment with different axes and shapes.

By enabling symmetry in Procreate, you’ll be able to draw on one side of the canvas and see your strokes magically mirrored on the other side. This not only saves time but also ensures perfect precision in your artwork. Whether you’re a professional illustrator or a hobbyist, symmetry in Procreate opens up a world of creative possibilities.

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry, in the context of digital art, refers to the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis. It is the replication of elements on either side of a central line or point, resulting in a balanced and harmonious composition.

In simpler terms, symmetry is about creating balance and harmony in your artwork. It can be achieved through various techniques, such as mirroring, reflection, or rotation. By incorporating symmetry in your digital art, you can create visually striking and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The Benefits of Using Symmetry in Procreate

There are several advantages to using symmetry in Procreate:

1. Time-saving: By mirroring strokes in real-time, symmetry allows you to create intricate designs efficiently.

2. Perfect precision: Symmetry ensures that both sides of your artwork are identical, avoiding any imbalances or inconsistencies.

3. Experimentation and exploration: Symmetry encourages you to explore new artistic techniques and styles, pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

4. Enhanced composition: Symmetrical designs often have a strong visual impact, creating a sense of aesthetic appeal and balance.

With these benefits in mind, let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial on how to turn on symmetry in Procreate.

Steps to Turn on Symmetry in Procreate

Step 1: Open Procreate and Create a New Canvas

1. Open the Procreate app on your device. If you don’t have it already, you can download it from the App Store.

2. Once you’re in the app, click on the ‘+’ symbol or go to the ‘Gallery’ and select ‘Create New Canvas.’

3. You’ll be prompted to choose the canvas size and resolution. Select the desired dimensions based on your artwork requirements.

Choosing the right canvas size is essential, as it determines the space you have available for creating symmetrical designs. If you’re unsure, start with a standard canvas size and adjust it as needed for future projects.

Step 2: Access the Canvas Settings

1. After creating a new canvas, you’ll be directed to the canvas settings. Here, you can customize various aspects of your artwork.

2. To access the symmetry settings, click on the ‘Actions’ menu (represented by a wrench icon) located at the top right corner of the screen.

3. A menu will appear with options for adjusting various settings related to the canvas. Look for the ‘Canvas’ tab and tap on it.

Step 3: Enable the Symmetry Toggle

1. Within the ‘Canvas’ tab, scroll down until you find the ‘Symmetry’ toggle. It is usually located near the bottom of the menu.

2. Tap the toggle to enable symmetry. Once enabled, you’ll immediately notice a change in the canvas, indicating that symmetry is active.

Step 4: Explore Symmetry Options

1. With symmetry turned on, you’ll see a small icon at the bottom center of your screen. This icon represents the symmetry options in Procreate.

2. Tap on the symmetry icon to reveal a menu with different symmetry modes. Procreate offers a range of options, such as Vertical, Horizontal, Quadrant, Radial, and more.

3. Take some time to explore each symmetry mode and understand how it affects your artwork. Each mode offers unique possibilities for creating symmetrical designs.

Step 5: Customize Your Symmetry

1. While the default symmetry modes in Procreate are powerful, you can further customize your symmetrical artwork to suit your creative vision.

2. Procreate provides additional settings to adjust and refine your symmetrical designs. These settings include rotational symmetry, radial lines, and the ability to create custom symmetry guides.

3. To access these customization options, tap on the symmetry icon again. You’ll find additional tools and sliders to modify various aspects of your symmetrical artwork.

Step 6: Create and Enjoy Symmetrical Creations

1. With symmetry enabled and customized to your liking, it’s time to unleash your creativity on the canvas.

2. Choose your favorite brush, pencil, or any other artistic tool from the Procreate library, and start creating on one side of the canvas.

3. As you make strokes, they will automatically be mirrored on the other side, creating a symmetrical effect in real-time.

4. Experiment with different brushes, colors, and techniques to create visually stunning symmetrical artwork.

5. Take your time and enjoy the process. Symmetry in Procreate allows you to focus on your artistic expression while ensuring perfect balance and harmony in your creations.

Step 7: Save and Share Your Masterpieces

1. Once you’re satisfied with your symmetrical creation, it’s time to save and share it with the world.

2. Procreate offers various exporting options, allowing you to save your artwork as an image, PDF, or even as a time-lapse video.

3. To save your artwork, go to the ‘Actions’ menu (represented by the wrench icon) and select ‘Share’ or ‘Export.’ Choose the desired file format and follow the prompts to save it to your device.

4. Sharing your symmetrical masterpieces with others can inspire and spark conversations about art. Consider sharing your creations on social media platforms, online galleries, or even with friends and family.

All About Symmetry Modes in Procreate

Vertical Symmetry

Vertical symmetry mode creates a mirror effect along the vertical axis of your canvas. It allows you to create symmetrical designs by drawing on one side while seeing it automatically mirrored on the other.

When using vertical symmetry in Procreate, you’ll notice that any strokes or elements you add to one side will be replicated in real-time on the opposite side. This mode is particularly useful for creating symmetrical compositions, such as faces, natural landscapes, and architecture.

Experiment with different brushes, colors, and techniques to explore the possibilities of vertical symmetry in Procreate. Whether you’re sketching, painting, or adding intricate details, this mode will help you achieve perfectly balanced artwork every time.

Horizontal Symmetry

The horizontal symmetry mode in Procreate mirrors your strokes and elements horizontally across the canvas. It creates a symmetrical effect by reflecting everything you draw on one side to the other.

Whether you’re creating mandalas, intricate patterns, or symmetrically balanced typography, the horizontal symmetry mode in Procreate is your go-to tool. It eliminates the need to painstakingly recreate every stroke on both sides, saving you time and ensuring precise symmetry.

As you experiment with the horizontal symmetry mode, try using different brushes and techniques to create unique symmetrical designs. Embrace the power of balance and harmony as you watch your strokes come to life on the canvas.

Quadrant Symmetry

Quadrant symmetry mode divides the canvas into four quadrants, allowing you to create different symmetrical designs in each quadrant. It offers a high level of versatility, enabling you to explore various combinations and arrangements.

When using the quadrant symmetry mode, any strokes or elements you add in one quadrant will be mirrored in the opposite quadrant. This allows for a wide range of possibilities, from creating mandalas with intricate details to designing patterns with unique variations in each quadrant.

Take your time to experiment with different brushes, colors, and techniques in each quadrant. The quadrant symmetry mode in Procreate opens up a world of creative opportunities, allowing you to showcase your artistic skills and create visually captivating compositions.

Radial Symmetry

Radial symmetry mode in Procreate creates a symmetrical effect by radiating lines from a central point on the canvas. This mode is ideal for creating designs that exhibit radial balance and repetition, such as mandalas, flowers, or snowflakes.

When using radial symmetry, every stroke or element you add will be mirrored and rotated around the central point. This creates a mesmerizing symmetrical pattern that continues to evolve as you draw.

Experiment with different rotational angles and brush sizes to create unique radial designs. The radial symmetry mode in Procreate allows you to achieve intricate and captivating artwork that captures the eye.

Rotational Symmetry

Rotational symmetry mode in Procreate enables you to create symmetrical designs that revolve around a specific point on the canvas. This mode adds an element of movement and dynamic balance to your artwork.

When using rotational symmetry mode, every stroke or element you add will be duplicated and rotated around the chosen rotational point. This creates a circular or spiral pattern that repeats itself throughout the canvas.

Experiment with different rotational points, brush styles, and sizes to create mesmerizing rotational designs. The rotational symmetry mode in Procreate is perfect for creating intricate patterns, mandalas, or symmetrical spirals that draw the viewer’s attention.

Custom Symmetry Guides

Procreate goes beyond the standard symmetry modes by offering the ability to create custom symmetry guides. This feature allows you to define your own axes and lines to guide the symmetrical elements in your artwork.

With custom symmetry guides, you have complete control over the placement, angle, and number of symmetry lines on the canvas. This allows for greater flexibility and creativity, as you can create unique symmetrical effects that are not possible with the predefined modes.

To create custom symmetry guides in Procreate, tap on the ruler icon at the top left corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu where you can add and adjust symmetry guides. By dragging these guides, you can define your own symmetry axes and lines, enabling you to create complex and innovative symmetrical designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turning on Symmetry in Procreate

FAQ 1: How can I access symmetry settings in Procreate?

To access the symmetry settings in Procreate:

1. Open the ‘Actions’ menu by tapping on the wrench icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Within the ‘Actions’ menu, select the ‘Canvas’ tab.

3. Look for the ‘Symmetry’ toggle and enable it to activate symmetry on your canvas.

FAQ 2: Can I use symmetry in all versions of Procreate?

Not all versions of Procreate support the symmetry feature. To enjoy this functionality, make sure you have Procreate version 4.2 or above. If you are using an older version, consider updating to the latest release to access the benefits of symmetry in Procreate.

FAQ 3: Can I change the symmetry mode while working on a canvas?

Yes, Procreate allows you to switch between different symmetry modes at any time during your artistic process. To change the symmetry mode within a canvas:

1. Tap on the symmetry icon at the bottom center of your screen.

2. Select the desired symmetry mode from the menu.

FAQ 4: Are there any limitations to using symmetry in Procreate?

While symmetry in Procreate is a powerful tool, it’s important to understand its limitations. Here are a few considerations:

– Symmetry can impact the natural flow and spontaneity of your artwork, especially if used excessively or without intention.

– Fine details and intricate designs may require manual adjustments to maintain overall symmetry.

– Symmetry works best for designs that are meant to be perfectly balanced. If you’re aiming for an organic or asymmetrical look, symmetry might not be the right choice.

FAQ 5: Can I create custom symmetry guides in Procreate?

Absolutely! Procreate allows you to create custom symmetry guides, giving you full control over the symmetrical effect in your artwork. To create custom symmetry guides:

1. Tap on the ruler icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

2. A menu will appear with options to add, adjust, and delete symmetry guides.

3. Use your finger or stylus to drag and position the guides according to your desired symmetry axes and lines.

FAQ 6: Does Procreate offer tutorials on using symmetry?

Procreate provides a range of tutorials and resources on their website to help you explore and master the symmetry feature. These tutorials cover various aspects, from basic setup to advanced techniques using symmetry in Procreate.

FAQ 7: Can I use symmetry for digital painting in Procreate?

Absolutely! Symmetry is a powerful tool for digital painting in Procreate. It allows you to create balanced brushstrokes, intricate details, and captivating compositions. Experiment with different brushes and techniques to bring your digital paintings to life using the symmetrical capabilities of Procreate.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Creative Potential with Symmetry in Procreate

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to turn on symmetry in Procreate and discovered the incredible world of symmetrical art.

Symmetry is a powerful tool that brings balance, harmony, and visual appeal to your digital artwork. Whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or someone exploring their creative side, Procreate’s symmetry feature opens up newdoors for artistic exploration and expression.

By following the step-by-step tutorial, you’ve unlocked the ability to create perfectly balanced and harmonious designs in Procreate. Whether you’re interested in creating mandalas, geometric patterns, or even symmetrical portraits, symmetrical art will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Embrace the Magic of Procreate and Symmetry

Now that you’re familiar with how to turn on symmetry in Procreate, it’s time to fully embrace the magic of this feature and let your creativity shine.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of symmetrical art in Procreate:

1. Think Outside the Box

While symmetry often brings to mind perfectly mirrored designs, don’t be afraid to experiment with asymmetry within your symmetrical compositions. Combining perfectly balanced elements with unexpected variations can create visually interesting and dynamic artwork.

As artist and educator Wassily Kandinsky once said, “Color is a power that directly influences the soul. Use it freely to create unique symmetrical designs that reflect your artistic vision.”

2. Play with Colors and Textures

Colors and textures can add depth and dimension to your symmetrical artwork. Experiment with a wide range of color palettes, gradients, and blending modes to enhance the visual impact of your designs.

Textures and patterns can also breathe life into your symmetrical compositions. Use Procreate’s vast library of brushes or even import custom textures to add intricate details and tactile elements to your artwork.

3. Layer and Combine Effects

Procreate allows you to work with multiple layers, which opens up endless possibilities for adding depth and complexity to your symmetrical designs. Use different layers to experiment with different effects, opacity levels, and blending modes.

By combining various effects and layering techniques, you can create stunning symmetrical compositions that captivate the viewer’s eye and leave a lasting impression.

4. Explore Different Brush Styles

Procreate offers a wide variety of brushes, each with its own unique style and effect. Don’t limit yourself to a single brush when creating symmetrical art. Explore different brush styles, such as calligraphy brushes, watercolor brushes, or even special effect brushes.

Each brush will bring its own character and visual style to your symmetrical artwork, allowing you to create diverse and captivating designs.

Take Your Symmetrical Art to the Next Level: Advanced Techniques

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to turn on symmetry in Procreate, let’s delve into some advanced techniques to elevate your symmetrical art to new heights.

1. Transform and Warp Your Artwork

Procreate offers powerful transformation and warp tools that can take your symmetrical designs to the next level. Experiment with resizing, rotating, and distorting your artwork to create interesting and dynamic effects.

The warp tool, in particular, allows you to manipulate your strokes and elements in unique ways, giving your symmetrical artwork a sense of fluidity and movement.

2. Combine Symmetry with Other Procreate Features

Symmetry is just one of the many incredible features Procreate offers. Don’t be afraid to combine symmetry with other tools and functionalities to push the boundaries of your artistic creations.

For example, you can experiment with Procreate’s brushes and blending modes to add depth and texture to your symmetrical designs. You can also explore the possibilities of animation by utilizing Procreate’s animation assist feature to bring your symmetrical artwork to life.

3. Find Inspiration and Learn from Others

The digital art community is a vibrant and supportive space where artists share their work, techniques, and insights. Take advantage of online platforms, such as social media, forums, and art communities, to find inspiration and learn from others.

Follow artists who specialize in symmetrical artwork, join groups or communities focused on digital art, and participate in challenges and collaborations. Engaging with the art community will not only expose you to new ideas but also provide valuable feedback and encouragement.

Conclusion: Let Your Creativity Flourish with Symmetry in Procreate

You’ve reached the end of this comprehensive guide on how to turn on symmetry in Procreate. Now, it’s time to unleash your creative potential.

By incorporating symmetry into your digital artwork, you can create intricate designs that captivate and inspire. Through various symmetry modes, custom guides, and endless creative possibilities, Procreate empowers you to bring balance, harmony, and precision to your artistic creations.

Remember, the journey of art is an ongoing process of exploration and growth. Embrace your unique style, experiment with different techniques, and let your imagination soar.

As artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Master the art of symmetry in Procreate, and then set your own rules to create truly remarkable and awe-inspiring artwork.

So, grab your digital pen, open Procreate, and embark on a symmetrical adventure unlike any other. Let your creativity flourish, and don’t forget to share your symmetrical masterpieces with the world. Happy creating!

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Procreate is a trademark of Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. Please refer to the official Procreate website for the most up-to-date information and tutorials.

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