How to Add Brush to Favorites in Procreate: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you looking to enhance your creative experience in Procreate? Adding brushes to your favorites can help you streamline your workflow and access your favorite tools with ease. In this article, we’ll show you how to add brush to favorites in Procreate, step by step. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or simply enjoy doodling, this guide is for you!


Welcome to the world of Procreate, where digital art comes to life! If you’re new to Procreate or have been using it for a while, you might be wondering how to make the most of its brush collection. Procreate offers a vast array of brushes that can be customized to suit your artistic style and preferences.

In this article, we will focus on the process of adding brushes to your favorites, so you can easily access them whenever inspiration strikes. We’ll provide a detailed step-by-step tutorial, along with some helpful tips and tricks along the way. Let’s dive in!

What is Procreate?

Before we get started, it’s important to understand what Procreate is and why it has become a go-to tool for artists and designers. Procreate is a powerful digital painting app available exclusively for iPad. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Procreate allows users to create stunning art, illustrations, and designs with ease.

Unlike traditional art mediums, Procreate offers endless possibilities and the ability to undo and experiment without fear of ruining your work. It’s like having a complete art studio at your fingertips, allowing you to explore various brushes, colors, and effects.

Why Add Brushes to Favorites?

With Procreate’s wide range of brushes, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. However, you may have a few brushes that you use more frequently or ones that perfectly match your artistic style. Adding these brushes to your favorites will save you time and frustration, ensuring they are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Instead of scrolling through the entire brush library every time you want to use your favorite brush, you can simply head to your favorites and find it right away. It’s a small but impactful feature that can greatly enhance your workflow and improve your overall experience with Procreate.

How to Add Brush to Favorites in Procreate: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Now that you understand the importance of adding brushes to your favorites, let’s dive into the tutorial. Follow these steps to easily add your favorite brushes to the favorites section in Procreate:

Step 1: Open Procreate

To begin, locate the Procreate app on your iPad and tap on its icon to open it. If you don’t have Procreate installed, you can download it from the App Store.

Step 2: Access the Brush Library

Once Procreate is open, you’ll see a toolbar at the top of the screen. Among the icons on the toolbar, locate and tap on the brush icon. This will open the brush library, where you can explore and select different brushes.

Step 3: Choose a Brush

Now that you have the brush library open, it’s time to choose a brush to add to your favorites. Take your time to browse through the available brushes and find the one that catches your eye or suits your current project. To select a brush, simply tap on it.

Step 4: Open the Brush Settings

After you’ve selected a brush, you’ll need to open the brush settings to access the option to add it to your favorites. To do this, locate the brush settings button, which is represented by a small slider icon, located at the top left corner of the toolbar. Tap on it to open the brush customization menu.

Step 5: Add to Favorites

Within the brush customization menu, you’ll find a variety of settings and options to adjust the selected brush’s appearance and behavior. Scroll down through the settings until you come across the “Favorites” section. In this section, you’ll see a button labeled “Add to Favorites.” Tap on this button to add the selected brush to your favorites.

Step 6: Access Your Favorites

Now that you’ve added the brush to your favorites, it’s time to access them whenever you need to use a brush quickly. To do this, tap once again on the brush icon located in the toolbar. You’ll notice that there are several tabs at the top of the brush library screen. Locate and tap on the “Favorites” tab.

Step 7: Organize and Customize

Procreate allows you to further customize your favorites by organizing them into sets. To create a set, tap on the “+” icon located at the top left corner of the brush library screen, next to the “Favorites” tab. Give your set a name and start adding your favorite brushes to it. This way, you can have different sets for various projects or themes, making it even easier to find the right brush for each occasion.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a brush to your favorites in Procreate. Now you can easily access your go-to brushes whenever you need them, without the hassle of searching through the entire library.

Table: How to Add Brush to Favorites in Procreate

Step Description
Step 1 Open Procreate
Step 2 Access the Brush Library
Step 3 Choose a Brush
Step 4 Open the Brush Settings
Step 5 Add to Favorites
Step 6 Access Your Favorites
Step 7 Organize and Customize

How to Add Brush to Favorites in Procreate – FAQ

1. Can I add multiple brushes to my favorites at once?

No, currently, Procreate doesn’t offer the option to add multiple brushes to the favorites at once. You’ll need to add them individually, following the steps mentioned in the tutorial.

2. Can I remove brushes from my favorites?

Yes, you can remove brushes from your favorites. To do this, go to the brush library and find the brush you want to remove from favorites. Tap on the brush settings, scroll down to the “Favorites” section, and tap on the “Remove from Favorites” button.

3. Can I customize the order of my favorite brushes?

Procreate automatically arranges your favorite brushes in the order they were added. At the moment, there isn’t a built-in feature to reorder them. However, you can create custom brush sets to organize and group your favorites according to your preferences.

4. How many brushes can I add to my favorites?

You can add as many brushes as you’d like to your favorites. Keep in mind that having too many brushes in your favorites may make it difficult to find the one you’re looking for quickly. It’s best to include your most frequently used brushes for easy access.

5. Will my favorite brushes be synced across devices?

If you’re using Procreate on multiple devices, such as an iPad and iPhone, your favorite brushes won’t be automatically synced. You’ll need to add them individually on each device to have the same set of favorites everywhere.

6. Can I share my favorite brushes with others?

Currently, Procreate doesn’t have a direct feature to share favorite brushes. However, you can export and share custom brush sets that include your favorite brushes. This way, others can import the set and have access to the same brushes you’ve added.

7. Is it possible to undo adding a brush to favorites?

Yes, if you accidentally add a brush to your favorites, you can easily remove it. Follow the instructions mentioned earlier to access the brush settings and tap on the “Remove from Favorites” button.

Experiment and Explore Your Favorites

Now that you’ve learned how to add brushes to your favorites in Procreate, it’s time to have some creative fun! Play around with different brushes, explore their unique capabilities, and unleash your artistic potential. Having your favorite brushes at your fingertips will make the creative process more enjoyable, efficient, and inspiring.

Discover Your Perfect Brush

Procreate offers an extensive collection of brushes, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Don’t be afraid to try out different brushes to find the ones that resonate with your creative style. From realistic pencil textures to vibrant digital watercolors, Procreate has it all. Take your time to experiment and discover the brushes that speak to you.

Personalize Your Favorites

Your favorites section in Procreate is like your own curated brush collection. Make it uniquely yours by personalizing it. Create different sets for different projects, themes, or moods. Use your favorites as a way to organize and access the brushes you love most. Whether you’re creating stunning illustrations or expressive lettering, your favorites can be your trusted companions.

Organize with Custom Sets

To take your favorites organization to the next level, utilize Procreate’s custom sets feature. Custom sets allow you to group related brushes together, making it easier to locate and switch between brushes while you work. For example, if you often switch between different types of pencil brushes, create a custom set specifically for pencils. This way, you can quickly access all your preferred pencil brushes with just a few taps.

Stay Updated with Brush Updates

Procreate is continuously updating and improving its brush collection. Make it a habit to check for brush updates regularly. New brushes are often introduced, providing you with fresh tools to further elevate your digital art. By staying updated, you can enrich your favorites selection with the latest additions and enjoy an ever-expanding creative palette.

Share and Collaborate

One of the great advantages of Procreate is its supportive community. Share and collaborate with fellow artists by exchanging favorite brush sets. You can find various online platforms, forums, and social media groups dedicated to Procreate, where artists share their favorite brushes and settings. Join these communities, engage with other artists, and explore the endless possibilities of collaborative creativity.

Master Your Favorites Workflow

As you become more familiar with Procreate and its brushes, you’ll develop your own unique workflow. Take the time to experiment and discover the methods that work best for you. Your favorites section will become an invaluable tool in your creative arsenal, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating amazing art.

A Note on Exploration

While favorites are a fantastic way to streamline your workflow, don’t forget to keep exploring and trying out new brushes. Procreate offers an incredibly diverse range of brushes, each with its own potential. Embrace the joy of experimentation and venture beyond your favorites from time to time. You might just stumble upon a new brush that revolutionizes your artistic journey.


Adding brushes to your favorites in Procreate is a simple yet powerful feature that can significantly enhance your artistic process. By following the step-by-step tutorial in this article, you’ve learned how to add brushes to your favorites and create custom sets to suit your unique style and projects.

Your favorites section is like a personalized toolbox, filled with the brushes you love and rely on the most. Experiment, organize, and customize your favorites to make Procreate truly your own. Enjoy the creative freedom that comes with having your go-to brushes at your fingertips.

Remember, the journey of creating art is a continuous learning experience. Embrace the flexibility and possibilities that digital art offers, and let Procreate inspire your creative vision. Now, go forth and unleash your imagination with Procreate’s vast collection of brushes!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and experience with Procreate. The steps and features mentioned may vary depending on the version of the app. Always refer to the official Procreate documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.

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